High Vibrations Cover Photo

Melo Makes Music


Directed by Ujjwal Chande

April 3rd, 2019

With his latest release, "High Vibrations", Melo Makes Music invites us to peer into his mind’s eye; Combining his unwavering positivity and his affinity for forward-fashion, “High Vibrations” culminates as an experimental view into the psyche of MeloMakesMusic as he both sonically and visually explores themes of optimism, perseverance, and innovative style.

Director, DP, and Editor: Ujjwal Chande
Producer: Connor Townsend
1st AC: Griffin Olis
Gaffer: Hollenbeck
B-Cam Op: Arthur Payne
Hair & Wardrobe: Falyn Huang

Hair & Wardrobe: Shamis Mcgillin